Our school district uses Destiny Library Manager software. You can find this link under the student tab of the district home page. Each location in the district has its own Destiny link. Destiny is a comprehensive library resource management tool. Use the Library Search function to find books in your school's library. The Destiny Quest tool is a more visual tool to help you search for and create reading lists as well as view top ten and new arrival books. The WebPath Express link will take your students to a curated research tool where they can safely search for information, create resource lists and print citation information. If you would like assistance getting your class trained, just submit a trouble ticket and choose the technology training option! 

Students also have to ability to login with their unique username and password, this allows them to see what they have checked out, save WebPath Express searches and even review books ! Click here for detailed instructions.

The below image is of the Destiny home screen. From here, choose your school link to access the library data.

Once you enter your school site, you can search for books physically located in your school library.

By choosing Destiny Quest from the above screen, you will come to below page. Search for books, create book lists and see what's new in the library!

The WebPath Express will provide a place for students to do research. WebPath Express is a curated research tool created using strict safe web criteria. Students should have better success using this tool when compared to using Google. Students can save their research lists and print out citation information as well.