Network Password Change

How To Change Your Password

Please Note: This will change your password for all systems that use your Network Account including your Windows login, e-mail, technology help desk, Safari Montage,
Power Teacher and the guest wifi network

Windows 7 PC

    1) From your desktop, press Ctrl-Alt-Del

    2) Select Change Password

    3) Enter New Password (at least 8 characters) and hit confirm


  1. 1)  From the Apple choose System Preferences

  2. 2)  Select Accounts (under System)

  3. 3)  Highlight you account name on right and select change password (Click the lock

    button in the lower left if it is ʻlockedʼ)

  4. 4)  Enter a new password (at least 8 characters) in the Password and Verify fields (add a

    hint if desired). Select Change Password.