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Portable Smartboard

Getting started with your SMART Board is easy, here are the things you will need:

From left to right, interactive board, projector, VGA cable, USB cable, power cord, PC or laptop, and notebook software.

First things, first. Make sure you have your cables and a computer or laptop to connect to the board and projector.  We now have 25ft VGA cables which should help better position the board in your classroom. Your computer or laptop will need to have the SMART Notebook 10 software installed.  If you would like this installed on your classroom PC, please put a trouble ticket request in to your local tech. 

Now, where do all these cables go??

Step 1: Make sure the power cable is running from the projector to an outlet.
Step 2: Plug the VGA cable into the projector, (it will most likely be a blue outlet that says "computer in"), then plug the other end into the back of the computer that is also blue and says "computer out"
Step 3: Take the USB cable and plug the small end into the cable on the bottom right hand side of the board. Then plug the other long flat end into an open USB port on the computer.

Now you can start turning everything on. Turn on the projector, then the computer. Once the computer starts, the lights on the pen tray of the SMART Board will light up. The light on the right hand side of the board will turn green when it is ready.

Last step, orienting the board.

Once you have centered the projector with the board, press and hold the two larger buttons located on the board tray in front of the eraser. They look like this. 

Press the center of the diamond with a pen from the tray or your finger. Once you let go, the diamond will move to the next spot to press. Press on all the diamonds until the screen is refreshed.

You are now ready to use the SMART Board interactive whiteboard!