Teacher Sites Account Settings

How do I change my password?

To change your password:

  • Click on the My Settings button located in the upper left-hand corner of your admin area
  • Make your updates
  • Click SAVE at the bottom of the page

    Please Note: Your new password will be effective the next time you log in.

    My Settings

    In the My Settings area, you have the ability to change:

  • Your password
  • Email address
  • Friendly Website name
  • School district name and address
  • Folder name
  • Activate front-end editing
  • Allow for additional site administrators 

    To manage your login information and site settings, click on the My Settings icon located next to your name in the upper left-hand corner. In this area, there are tabs for User Info, Contact, Site Options, Site Logo, Navigation and Admins.

    User Info:  update your name, friendly website name (The Friendly Website Name appears in the template header and School District appears below it), password and optional demographics.

    Contact: update your email address, district name and address/phone.

    Site Options: edit site design, activate/deactivate icons from appearing in the left nav column next to main areas and modules, edit link colors on the template design, enter in an overall password for your site to visitors, activate inline editing and purchase a personal domain. 

    To activate In-Line Editing:

    • Click on the Read More >> Link.
    • Select Yes from the Edit Content on Front of Site drop down.
    • Click Save.
    • Click View Site in the top right corner to navigate the front end of your site.
    • Click on the Login link located at the top of the page. You are the only person who sees this login link, no visitors will see it.
    • Type in your password and click Login.

    You will need to activate In-Line Editing for every computer and browser that you use to update your website.  

    Site Logo: upload a logo to your site by clicking on the Browse button. Select the position and size, hit Save.

    Navigation: To shorten the number of links on the left side of your site, you can have some  additional links appear on the top of your site. Note: Main sections that have the ability to have sub pages are not able to be placed on top of your site.

    Admins: Use this page to add site administrators (assistants) for your website. The Website Helpers will have their own login and password with access to all admin applications except User Info and adding/editing site admins.

    • To add a site admin, click on the Management tab in your TeacherSites admin area and select My Settings. Click on the Admins tab and enter in name, email and password.

    The Site Admins will use the same http://teachersites.schoolworld.com URL to login to the classroom site, however, they'll also need to select the checkbox 'Login as Website Assistant.'

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