Teacher Sites Blogs

How do I add a Blog?

To add a Blog:

  • Under the My Applications tab, click on Maintain Blog.
  • Click on the Add New Blog link.
  • Enter in the Overall Blog Title and Posting Title.
  • Enter in your first thought, question or posting in the text area.
  • To password protect the Blog on the public site, enter in a password (optional). This field is limited to 20 characters.
  • Enter in a description of the Blog (optional). Comment Options:
    • Allow Comments - Select 'Yes' if you would like to allow people or students to comment on your Blog postings or 'No' if you do not.
    • Automatically Authorize Comments - To automatically authorize comments, select 'Yes'. If you select 'No' to not automatically authorize comments, you would have to approve them first before they're posted.
    • Email Comments - enter in an email address if you'd like to be notified via email of postings to the blog.
    • Show Comments - To display the posted comments, select 'Yes' or 'No' to not show comments.
    • Show User Email - Select 'Yes' to display the email address of the posted comment. If you do not want email addresses displayed of those who posted a comment on the front end, then select No.
  • Hit Next.
  • Enter in a Posting Title. You must add at least one posting in order for people to be able to post comments to your Blog.
  • Hit Save.
  • Images tab - to add an image to your blog, click on Maintain Blogs, then on the link under the Posts column. Click on the edit link next to the posting, then on the Images tab. Click Browse, select your image, hit Save.
  • Files tab - to add up to 3 files to your Blog for reference, click on the Files tab. Click on Browse, select your file, enter in a friendly file name and hit Save.

How do I edit a Blog?

To edit a Blog:

  • Click on Maintain Blogs.
  • Select the number to the right of the post that you would like to edit.
  • Select Edit.
  • Make your updates.
  • Hit Save.
  • To hide commenters email addresses per Blog, select yes or no to display the email address of the commenter.  For Blogs that have been already established, the default value is set to 'Yes'.

To add a posting to an existing blog:

  • Click on the Add Post link when editing a Blog.
  • Enter in the posting title and description.
  • Hit Save.

Sorting your Blogs:

  • Click on Maintain Blogs.
  • Click on Sort Blogs.
  • Change the Blog sort order.
  • Hit Save.

Students, parents and visitors can subscribe to a Blog via RSS. If you have an existing blog, add a new post to your blog in order to activate the RSS link. On the front end of your classroom site, visitors can click on the RSS icon to subscribe.

How do I delete a Blog?

  • Click on Maintain Blogs.
  • Click on the hyperlink of the Blog you wish to edit.
  • Click on the Click to Delete this Blog! link in the lower left corner.
  • Hit OK.

*All postings and comments pertaining to the Blog will also be deleted.

How do I delete Comments in a Blog?

To Delete Comments in a Blog:

  • Click on Maintain Blogs.
  • Click on the number link under the Posts column.
  • Click on the number of comments link (For example, 4 comments). **Please note: if it says 0 comments, then click on the edit link instead and make your updates.
  • If the comment you wish to delete is displayed, click on the edit comments link, then Check Here to Delete This Comment. Hit OK.
  • If you do not see the comment you wish to delete displayed, click on the Show All link. Click on edit comments, then Check Here to Delete This Comment. Hit OK.

How do I authorize a Comment?
When a comment needs to be authorized, you will see a link for the number of comments needing authorization once you click on Maintain Blogs.

To authorize a comment, click on the authorize comments link then select the checkbox under the Authorize column. Hit Save. Once authorized, the comment will appear on the public site. 

If you wish to file the comment away, select the checkbox under the File column. Hit Save. Once filed away, the comment will not appear on your site but can be accessed from the Maintain Blogs area.