Teacher Sites Calendar

What is the Calendar?

You can maintain a classroom calendar; posting important events and activities. The Calendar section is organized by categories. The first step in using the online calendar tool is creating the categories under which actual events will be posted. 

The categories can be anything you designate – field trips, speakers, testing dates, assemblies, birthdays – the calendar is your own personal tool to promote events within your classroom and building. The calendar of events will display with the category of the event and the event title. All other information entered with the event will be available as a popup for parents/students. If you use the Homework tool, homework assignments will also appear on your classroom calendar, designated by an HW. Visitors can view the calendar in list or traditional format.

How do I add an Introduction Message to my Calendar?

Adding an Intro Message to your Calendar: 

  • In the My Calendar area, click on Intro Message.
  • Enter the copy you wish to precede your classroom calendar.
  • Check your spelling using the Spell Check feature.
  • Click Save.

    The introduction message will appear at the top of your calendar on the front end of the site.

    Creating Calendar Categories

    To set up your calendar categories:

  • Click on the Main Menu icon in the upper right hand corner.
  • Click on the My Applications tab.
  • Click on the Categories link under My Calendar.
  • Add each event category in the text fields.
  • Choose the text color for the category which will appear on the front end of your site.
  • Click the SAVE button after each addition.

    Note: if you don't want a category to show on front of site, enter No Category into the text field.

  • To view a specific calendar category on the front of your site, click the link in the ID - VIEW column. You can create a goto page or link to this URL thus providing more calendars on your site. Simply paste in the ID URL for your goto page or link - for example, calendar.cfm?cat=44. Please note that the My Calendar page will displays all categories on one calendar. 

    How do I create an Event?

    Adding a Calendar Event:

  • Click on Add Event
  • Type in the Event Headline
  • Choose the Event Category
  • Enter the Event Date
  • Enter the time of the event (optional)
  • Enter the event site i.e. Academy Auditorium, Elementary Cafeteria (optional)
  • Enter an event description (optional)
  • Click Save to post the event to your Classroom Calendar.
  • Upon hitting Save, tabs will appear allowing you to add images, files and links to your event. Click on the appropriate tab to add these items.
  • Recurring events - many classroom events recur multiple times throughout the school year. To enter the same information on multiple days, click on the Recur tab. There are two options for recurring events. Option 1 is for events that recur the same day each week. Option 2 is for events that recur on different dates. Click Save when finished.

    Posting Options - you can allow visitors to post events to your calendar from the front end. Under posting options, select Yes to allow visitors to post events. You can require a password for submission, approve the postings and receive an email each time an entry has been posted to your classroom calendar. Under Edit Event, you can edit the postings, if necessary.

    How do I Edit a Calendar Event?

    Editing a Calendar Event:

  • Click on Edit Event within the Calendar area.
  • Choose the month and year of the event and hit Show Month.
  • All events in that month will display.
  • Click on the title of the event you wish to edit.
  • The event form will display with all the information you had previously entered. Hit Save when completed.
  • Refer to Add a Calendar Event above to add new information or change existing information. 

    Special Note:
     To delete an event entry, follow the steps for editing an event. Click on the Delete tab and select the radio button. Click Delete.

    Calendar - Events can be sorted by day

    • Click on Edit Event under Calendars in the admin area.
    • Click on Sort Events in the bottom corner.
    • Select the date to sort events.
    • Hit Show Date. Enter in the sort number next to each event.
    • Hit Save.

    The events will appear in the order you selected on the front end calendar view for that particular date.

    How do I add District Events to my Calendar?

    This feature is available only for districts or schools that have purchased our custom or SchoolSites product.

    Adding District or School Calendar Events to your Classroom Calendar:

    All the event categories used on the SchoolSite will be available for use on the classroom calendar.

  • In the Calendar area, click on Mirror Events.
  • Choose the categories of the events you would like to include.
  • Click Save.
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