Teacher Sites Homework

What is the Homework Tool?

The Homework system is an incredibly functional tool with a great deal of flexibility. You can create an unlimited number of categories for posting assignments; bringing a degree of ease and organization to your homework area. Choose from a calendar or list format for a more personal view.

Assignments can include a title, subject, date assigned and due date as well as images, files and Web links. You determine the exact length of time an assignment should 

appear on the site, making the website an invaluable resource for parents and students.

NOTE: If choose not to use the Homework tool, you can simply turn it off in your admin area by clicking on the green button.

How do I add an Introduction Message to my Homework area?

Adding an Intro Message to your Homework Area:

  • Under the My Applications tab, click on Intro Message under My Homework.
  • Enter the copy you wish to precede your homework assignment area.
  • Check your spelling using the Spell Check feature.
  • Click Save.

    Creating Homework Classes/Categories

    The first step in using the online Homework tool is creating the classes/categories under which actual assignments will be posted.

    We recommend creating a category for every class you teach - whether it is a single subject broken down by periods/sections or whether it is different subjects.

    The homework posts automatically to your classroom calendar. However, you can turn this feature off via the Add Assignment area.

    Creating Homework Classes/Categories:

  • Click on Main Menu.
  • Click on the My Applications tab.
  • Under My Homework, click on Classes/Categories.
  • Add each subject/period as a class/category in the text box.
  • Click the Save button after each addition.

  • How do I create a Homework Assignment?

    There are two options for adding a homework assignment.

    • Option 1 allows you to add assigments into a calendar format. This is the easiest option for adding assignments.
    • Option 2 allows you to add images, files or links to your assignments. This is a more advanced option.
    To determine which Homework option to use:
    • Click on the My Applications tab.
    • Under Homework, click on change homework settings.
    • The system will tell you which option you are using. To change the option, click on the please use this page link. 
    • f you do not want to have the homework assignments displayed on the classroom calendar, select No under the change homework settings link. 
    • Hit Save.

    Adding a Homework Assignment under Option 1:

    • Click on the Add Assignment button.
    • Select the month, year and category.
    • Hit Show Month.
    • Enter in the assignment info into each cell.
    • Hit Save at the end of the calendar.

    Adding a Homework Assignment under Option 2:

    • Click on the Add Assignment button.
    • Enter the title of the assignment.
    • Enter the assignment directions in the text box provided.
    • Choose the Subject/Period/Course the assignment pertains to or assign to all classes.
    • Select Date Assigned.
    • Select Due Date.
    • Click the Save button.

    Special note: Each assignment can be designated for multiple sections or periods of the same subject. At the bottom of the assignment, there are two areas to check to add the assignment to another class or to ALL classes.

    Each assignment has the capability to accept images, files and links. The Files tab provides you with the ability to allow students to upload files to any assignment (this is only available via Option 2 by clicking on the Files tab and then Visitor Uploads). The homework assignment template is modeled after the page template. You always have the ability to view the page as you are working on it by clicking on View Page.