Teacher Sites Images And Icons

Adding a logo to all Webpages
Interested in incorporating your school logo onto every page of your site?

By clicking on the My Settings button, you can upload a logo that can be positioned either under your left-hand navigation or centered at the bottom of each page. Depending on the location you choose, we've implemented our auto-image resizing tool so the logo properly fits within your design.

To add a logo to every page of your classroom site:

  • Click on My Settings.
  • Click on the Site Logo tab.
  • Click on the Browse button.
  • Locate your logo.
  • Determine the position and size.
  • Hit Save.

How do I change the icons associated with each section?

You have the ability to customize the icons within the areas of My Site Content, My Applications and Advanced.

1. To change an icon, click on ‘Change Icon’ next to the section you’d like to customize. 
2. Choose the size of the icon by clicking on the links: Large, Medium or Small located at the top of the page. 
3. Select the icon by clicking on the image. 
4. The system instantly incorporates your selection. 
5. To upload your own icons, click on the Upload Own Icons link. Select your image, determine the size it should be - large, medium, small or all and hit Save. You should only upload properly-formatted GIFs that are preferably square and at least 35 x 35 pixels.

For those of you who prefer to NOT have icons in your navigation, the TeacherSites team has provided that functionality within the My Settings area. Once inside the My Settings area, click on the Site Options tab, select No from the drop down menu located next to Use Icons on Site. Hit Save.


Our Slideshow feature is a great tool to showcase images from any event/classroom activity or student project. You have the ability to upload up to 99 images, categorize them and display them in an attractive "slideshow viewer" or thumbnail format. Once a slideshow has been created, it can be easily accessible on the front end of a your classroom website. Each slideshow can also be attached to any webpage via the Files tab.

To create a Slideshow:

  • Click on the My Applications tab in your admin area
  • You must first set up your categories by clicking on the Categories link. Enter in the category(ies) via the text fields and hit Save. 
  • Once the categories have been setup, click on Add SlideShow
  • Enter in a title for the slideshow
  • Select the appropriate category
  • Password-protect the slideshow (optional)
  • Enter in a description of the slideshow (optional)
  • Click Continue. You may now start uploading images to your slideshow by clicking on the Browse button.
  • Locate the images on your Desktop and double click them. The system will make a copy of the image. Enter in a caption.
  • Hit Save when finished.

    Add customization to your slideshow as each image transitions from one to the next. TeacherSites offers more options for slide transitions and entire slideshows can be downloaded into a viewer format.

    How do I add an Image to a Webpage?

    There are several options for adding pictures to a webpage via the Images Tab: headline image, page photo, slide show, or clip art.

    The Headline Image is a banner-type image that displays in the center of the page above your content. A good size for a headline image is 500 x 80 pixels.

    Clip Art appears in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

    Images on Page can appear along the right side of the page or centered in rows below the text copy.

    To add an image to a webpage:

    1. Click on My Site Content.
    2. Click on either a Main Page or a sub page.
    3. Click on the Images tab, then, Images on Page.
    4. Select the Browse button.
    5. Locate the photo.
    6. Click on the Open button.
    7. Add an image caption and/or more information about the image (optional).
    8. Under Image Layout and Size Options, select where you want the photos to appear on the page, either to the right of the copy or beneath all copy, and the size of the image. Therefore, if you'd like the image to appear below your copy, select 0 images to the right.
    9. Hit Save at the bottom of the page.
    The system will automatically resize your image between 100 and 400 pixels based on your selection. You can also select no resize.  If you'd like more flexibility in the placement of the images or clip art, you can add them via the Image Gallery on the RTE toolbar (located under the Page Info tab).

    To add an image via the Image Gallery:
    • On the page, click where you would like to insert the image.
    • Click on the Insert Image From Gallery button located next to the Spell Checker.
    • Click on the Add tab in the top right.
    • Click on the Browse button. Select your JPG or GIF file, hit OK. Repeat if you wish to add more than one image at once. You can upload three images at a time.
    • Use the Reduce to drop down to select the size you want to reduce your image to.
    • Click Upload Images when Finished.
    • The image will be uploaded to your gallery and also display in the Preview window. Note that you have now switched from the Add tab to the Insert tab.
    • Enter in a URL if you wish your image to link out to another page or an external site.
    • Enter in an Alt Text, which will display when a user hovers over the image.
    • If you wish to reduce the size of your image, select Change Size and enter in a percentage. You will also have the option to resize the image once placed on your site.
    • Select where you would like to align the image in reference to the text. If you would like the image inserted to the immediate right or left of text, you will want to select either left or right of text.
    • Use the Border drop down if you would like to add a border to your image.
    • Select the Border Color.
    • Select the Spacing to be set around the image.
    • Click Insert. The image can be dragged anywhere on the page, placed inside a table or added to a Template.

    How do I add Clip Art to a Webpage?

    A bank of clip art, organized by categories, is available for you to use on your webpages. The clip art images appear in the upper right-hand corner of the page. If you would like more flexibility in the placement of the clip art, you can add them to your page via the Image Gallery on the RTE toolbar (under the Page Info tab).

    To add clip art to a Webpage:

  • Click on the Clip Art link under the Images tab.
  • Select a category from the drop down menu.
  • Once a category is selected, use the up and down arrows to toggle through the icons.
  • Once you've selected an item , click on the Save button at the bottom of the page.

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