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Creating Link Categories

To create a Link Category:

  • Click on Main Menu
  • Click on My Applications
  • Under My Links, click on Categories
  • Add each link category in the text box
  • Click the SAVE button after each addition

    Special Note: The Sort order to the left of the category names determines the order that the categories display on the front of your site.

    Adding a Link

    To add a Link:

    • Under the My Links category, click on Add Link
    • Choose the category of the website
    • Enter the website URL (i.e. http://www.yahoo.com)
    • Enter a friendly name for the link (i.e. Yahoo)
    • Enter a rating of the website (optional)
    • Enter the description of the website (optional)
    • Click SAVE to add the link to your list of recommended websites

    To Share your Web links with other teachers:

    • Click on My Applications tab.
    • Under the Links category click on either your Links or Add Link.
    • Click on Share your Links.
    • Use the drop down bar to choose Share Links.
    • Then enter in the grade level the list is for.
    • Click Save.

    To add Shared Web Links to your recommended list from othe teachers web resources:

    • Click on the My Applications tab.
    • Under the Links category choose either your Link or Add Links.
    • Click Add Shared Links.
    • Click on View Links to see a list of links you might want to consider adding.
    • You can add the whole list of links or unselect the ones you do not wish to add. Click Add to My Links to add the list to your recommended web links.

    Editing a Link

    To edit a Link:

  • Under the My Links area, click on Edit Link
  • Click on the link you want to edit
  • Make your updates
  • Click SAVE

    Special Note: To delete a link entry, follow the steps for editing a link. Select the red checkbox at the bottom of the editing link page. Click SAVE. 

    Sharing Links:

    Once you add at least 6 links to your My Links area, you can share these resources with other teachers by clicking on Add Shared Links.

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