Teacher Sites Polls

Adding a Poll

Each poll will display in the left-hand margin of your homepage, under the site navigation.

To add a Poll:

  • Click on Main Menu
  • Click on My Applications
  • Under Polls, click on Add Poll
  • Enter a poll question
  • Enter in at least two options for visitors to choose
  • Enter the dates for displaying the poll
  • Click SAVE to post the poll question to the site

  • To edit a Poll:

  • Under the Poll category, click on Edit Poll
  • Click on the Edit link next to the poll question you wish to edit
  • The poll will display with all the information previously entered
  • Make your updates
  • Click SAVE

    Special Note: To delete a poll question, follow the steps for editing a poll. Select the red checkbox at the bottom of the poll question form. Click SAVE.

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