Teacher Sites Tips Ideas

Additional Tips

  • We recommend you don't overload your website with lots of headlines and different fonts and type sizes. Provide clear and simple headlines and page titles for easy reading.
  • Include a contact method. It’s important to keep a two-way communication with your students and parents. You can either put in a mailto link within the page creation area or have your email address appear at the bottom of every page (this is maintained in the My Settings area).
  • Do webpage checks. Once you've finished a page, review it by clicking on the View Page link.
  • Make a habit of routinely checking for broken links. Try to keep all your webpages updated and make sure all your links are working properly.
  • Keep your colors reasonable. Pink or yellow letters are not easy on the eyes. Try and avoid too many fancy scripts or animations which can cause visitors to lose focus on important information.
  • When uploading files to the site try to use simple file names without any symbols or spaces in them.  The symbols can sometimes affect the upload process.  For example, upload manual112408.pdf rather than manual*11/24/08.pdf

  • Cookies Should Always Be On
    The system runs off of your computer’s cookies, please make sure they are turned on and set to at least medium.

    Cross Platform

    TeacherSites is cross platform and works on both Macs and PCs. With our Rich-Text Editor (RTE) toolbar and the appropriate browser (IE 7 or 8, Firefox, or Safari 3.0.4 or higher), users from both platforms can work interchangeably.

    Hyperlink an Email Address
    To hyperlink an email address within the Text Box area, double click the name, then click on the Create Hyperlink button. In the URL field, remove http://www. and type in mailto:emailaddressgoeshere. For example: mailto:jamesdemo@schoolworld.com Click OK.

    Single Spacing
    To enter a single space in the page text area, hit Shift then Enter. The system defaults to double spacing.